Janice G. Leiper, LCSW
"A Safe Place To Be Heard"
"A few words from our hearts... Our marriage had come to a crisis point when we were referred to Janice. She provided us with a safe and supportive environment in which to express the anger, fears and hurts that had manifested over time and gradually pulled us apart. She taught us how to share our feelings with one another in a constructive rather than a destructive way. Through our experience doing Imago, Janice helped us understand how the unresolved wounds of childhood can influence all your relationships and particularly the relationship with your partner.  With her guidance we began the journey of re-connecting, where we were able to really listen to one another; see one another and forgive one another. We learned to trust in ourselves, our partner and our marriage again and started to repair the foundation of our relationship. She showed us how to do this "dance" of mutual support, love and caring where every communication becomes an opportunity to bring the other person closer rather than pushing them away. We are forever grateful. Thank you again, for all your help and support." - G&V  Stamford
"Janice helped us be together in a new way... a kind and compassionate way. If only we had found her and the Imago way twelve years earlier it would have saved us from so much stuff." - S.E.  Fairfield

"I've worked with a number of therapists over the years. None have helped me or touched my life as profoundly as Janice. Training and decades of experience have made her a gifted therapist; one that has led me to many of what I would call 'aha moments'. But her gifts don't end there. What good is an 'aha moment' if you don't let it change your life? Janice is a wise, gentle soul who has created safe passage for me to work through those moments and translate them into 'aha' life changes. She has the head of an extraordinay therapist, but more importantly she has the heart of a true healer." - O.R.  Trumbull

"Janice has helped me work through some very difficult issues. Her unique skills, her vast life experiences and her compassion was critical to my ability to address the problems I needed to resolve. No matter how sensitive the issue was, she provided a safe and supportive environment to allow me to freely discuss my feelings. I truly feel Janice is responsible for getting my life back on track. She is a skilled therapist, and more importantly a wonderful person." - S.G.  Stamford

Stamford, CT, 06903, United States
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