Janice G. Leiper, LCSW
"A Safe Place To Be Heard"

Marital and Family Psychotherapy

"A Safe Place To Be Heard"

It has always been easy for me to be passionate about what I do, knowing that if I do it well, individuals and couples will live happier, intensely fulfilling lives with greater dignity, peace of mind and with few, if any regrets.

The fact is, most of the answers you are seeking already reside inside. It's my job to ask the right questions to help you look within and see with clarity what you are searching for in life. And what it's going to take to find it.

Chances are, you're reading this now, because you and someone you love find it difficult to listen and be heard without creating new wounds and the despair and hopelessness that accompany them. Insights and understanding can rarely be achieved when one or both parties feel threatened or intimidated by the attempt to communicate with each other.

But with my firm and compassionate guidance and mediation, together we will break down the walls that prevent you from seeing the best in the person you love, and the best in yourself as well.

"Is There Room Enough For Me?"

Most relationships start off with tremendous hope and promise. Then life happens, and the wounds of dissappointment can be difficult to heal. What once was a perfect fit, now isn't. The issues that separate you take up precious time and space. And you simply want to know if you still fit in and "is there room enough for me?"

I promise you, I won't rest until we answer that question, because you simply have to know. Now you know what's important to me. If that's important to you give me a call.

My Stamford, CT office number is 203-968-0708​, and I see clients by appointment in North Stamford and downtown Greenwich.


Stamford, CT, 06903, United States
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